Using Religion In All The Wrong Ways

You probably have seen an old video where a creationist argues that the shape of a banana is proof for intelligent design. It’s not the first time this sort of nonsense happens. To be honest, both religious people and non-believers tend to do this. They attempt to explain the world around them with a single metaphor, comparison or an object.

”You win some, you lose some”
“Life is like an onion. Peel one layer at a time and sometime you weep”
“God is like a director. You don’t notice him but he was the one to set everything up”.

That almost always is absurd and only gives ammunition for the other side to berate and ridicule.

Is God like a Fidget Spinner?

Recently, Late Night with Stephen Colbert started a show by making fun of priests that explain the Holy Trinity with a fidget spinner. I occasionally enjoy the show and this is one of the times when religion has brought everything on itself.

Why would a priest ever need to use a fidget spinner to explain God?

If it is means to show how modern the church is and appeal to young people, it’s is a lame attempt that is too obvious to ever work.

Do they think it works as an explanation? Because no, it doesn’t unless you imagine God spinning around like some cartoon Tasmanian devil.

Maybe they are all out of the fresh ideas? OK, so then what? Are they going to start comparing non-believers to yo-yos – ‘they are down just to come back up’?

Simple Message Works Best

Catholic church, or any religion has a message that is already simple and good enough. Love your neighbour. Love one another and treat them well. If someone is different from you, let them be. Help those that are in need. Simple. That’s where it all should stay instead of telling other people what to do or what not to do, spreading hate or trying to appear ‘modern’.

If these new ‘cool’ fidget spinners are so close to God, maybe we ought to open up shops next to churches, allow people rent fidget spinners for the mass and encourage them leave a fidget toys review on their way out.

I know what they are trying to do and I get it. Young people don’t believe in God as much because their parents and teachers don’t tell them to. But also with internet every piece of
hypocrisy can and will be exposed. And let’s face it, religious indoctrinations have done a lot of harm over thousands of years. Of course, religious communities do good all around the world but when you show yourself as of superior knowledge, morals and standards, you don’t have any space for making mistakes.

As I mentioned earlier, why would you give ammunition for your enemies by spreading lies, and making yourself look ridiculous. Stay humble and preach the message of love and not fidget toy reviews. You only look stupid, not to mention you are using God’s name in vain.

Written by 28MlAnp22P

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