Jesus And The History of Christianity

The polytheistic ethnic beliefs of Rome have been also pagan and invasive to Jew life. He observed the Jew faith and was well familiar with the Jew Law.

In His early thirties, Jesus traveled from village to village, training in the synagogues and healing individuals who have been enduring. He challenged the recognized religious authorities to repent from their self righteousness and hypocrisy and realise that the Kingdom of God is rooted in service and love.

Jesus teachings stirred the hearts of individuals and created instability, something the Jew religious authorities feared. A faithful group of men started to follow Jesus and call him teacher.
Jesus instructed His disciples about the will of God and about the Newest covenant God will bring to mankind through Him. Jesus helped them to see that humanity is bound to the pain and futility of life as a result of sin.

The purpose of this New agreement is to restore people who accept it in a renewed fellowship of forgiveness and love with God. What’s this new covenant? Jesus himself would cover the sins of all mankind by being crucified unjustly on a Ancient Rome cross. Three days later, he’d rise to life, having defeated death, to give hope to a despairing world.

Well, it occurred just as Jesus taught, and His disciples have been witnesses to an incredible miracle. Their tutor, Jesus of Nazareth, died and 3 days later rose once you become their Messiah.

Compelled by an excellent commission to share the love that the God of this world had imparted upon them, the disciples started to proclaim this gospel of hope through the territory.

Therefore, from a small group of regular men that lived in a little province in Judea about 2000 years ago, the history of the Chiesa cristiana began, and the Christian Faith has since spread to the rest of the world. Their gospel message was simple: For God so loved the world, that gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not die, but have eternal life.

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